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KL Keller Mustard Sampler

KL Keller Foodways

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A Trio of California-Made Mustards

After years of searching the French countryside for a traditional mustard made with the best ingredients - namely real mustard seeds, coarse sea salt and great vinegar - our dear friend and owner of KL Keller Foodways, Kitty Keller, decided to create her own American-made mustard. She started with classic Dijon mustard, the perfect all-purpose mustard. From there she created a line of exceptional mustards crafted right here in California using the finest ingredients sourced locally and abroad. In this trio, you’ll get to sample one jar each of Kitty’s Dijon Mustard, Espelette Pepper Mustard and Violet Mustard.

Made in the time-honored Dijon tradition, keep Kitty's Dijon Mustard on hand for vinaigrettes, sandwiches and pan sauces.

Espelette Pepper Mustard is flavored with Basque Piment d'Espelette to create a mildly spicy mustard with a delicate, fruity heat. Add to tuna or egg salads, slather on a roasted chicken sandwich or mix a couple spoonfuls into softened butter for a flavorful compound butter for grilled steak or salmon.

KL Keller Violet Mustard (named for its unusual hue) has roots in the traditional violet mustard of Limoges, France, but Cabernet Sauvignon grape must from California provides the deep purple color and contributes raisiny sweetness. Enjoy as a condiment for roasted pork tenderloin, sausages or as an accompaniment to a charcuterie platter.

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KL Keller Foodways
United States
Three 6-ounce jars