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Sole Sabino DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Anna Maria Billi

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Aroma: Fresh, bright aromas of budding grass, green apple, and green almond.

Flavor: Sole Sabino DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a medium intensity oil with the flavors of green olives and green banana, with an herbal undertone.

Uses: This beautifully-balanced oil is meant for finishing—pour over fresh burrata topped with flakes of sea salt, drizzle over bruschetta or use to marinate disks of fresh goat cheese with herbs. It also makes a lovely garnish for grilled seafood and vegetables.

About the Producer: The hills of Sabina, north of Rome, have been planted with olive trees since Roman times. It is here that Anna Maria Billi and her daughters are keeping regional tradition alive with award-winning olive oils made from the fruit of their own orchard. In the Sabine Hills, cool Apennine mountain breezes ensure even ripening of Anna Maria’s olives, and when the fruit is blushing between green and purple, it is harvested entirely by hand. Afterwards, crushing at a nearby frantoio (olive mill) transforms the olives into unfiltered oil that is truly reflective of place. The area of Sabina today carries Denominazione di Origine Protetta (DOP) status, ensuring that regional olive oils meet strict standards of quality and excellence.

More Info

Anna Maria Billi
500 ml
Harvest Date
Fall 2016
Olive Varietal
Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino, unfiltered