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Block X Heirloom Limited Batch from Olivaia's OLA

Olivaia's OLA

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2021 Harvest California Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Region: Central California

Aroma: Prominent floral and grassy notes

Flavor: This handcrafted oil is fruit forward with notes of fresh green olive and grass. It's counterbalanced beautifully with a pleasant bitterness of green almond and medium level pungency that gives just the right amount of kick. 

Uses: An extremely versatile oil that would enhance everything from raw and cooked leafy greens, fish, mild meats and cheeses.

A suggestion from the producer: Use it to make olive oil ricotta pancakes—a favorite for his family and soon yours!

About the producer

Olivaia's Ola, is a small batch —award-winning producer of estate grown extra virgin olive oil. Their Block X is a 100+ year old grove with many different cultivars, including unique rootstock used in the earliest Californian experiments for olive oil and table olive production. Many of these cultivars have DNA unknown to local databases and have proven to make olive oil that is as unique as they are. Block X Blend Heirloom is made with 100% of these unknown olives.

Certified extra virgin by the California Olive Oil Council

2021 Awards:

  • 2021 California Olive Oil Council-Silver Medal

More Info

Olivaia's OLA
United States
Lindsay, California
Harvest Date
Fall 2021
Olive Varietal
10+ Heirloom varieties - like Manzanillo, Mission and Sevillano

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