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Marcona Almond Butter


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Almond Butter made with Spanish Marcona Almonds and Sea Salt

Three words: Spreadable, Marcona, Almonds. Why didn’t we think about this long ago? These three words collide in OroLiquido, also known as the best almond butter you will ever taste. Spanish Marcona almonds are fried and salted enhancing the richness of the nuts.  When crushed, these almonds create an even richer more full-bodied nut butter.  Smooth and toasty with flecks of crunchy Marcona almond bits, this is the grown up version of peanut butter.

Made solely of Marcona almonds with a touch of sea salt, this almond butter walks the line between sweet and savory. Use OroLiquido anywhere you would use peanut butter. Make an adult PB&J with OroLiquido and some Vin Santo wine jelly. Or toss soba noodles with a couple spoonfuls of almond butter, a little soy, ginger and scallions for a quick cold noodle salad. The sweet possibilities are endless from almond butter cookies to an ice cream topping. Almond buttercups anyone?

Once opened, keep OroLiquido refrigerated. This all-natural almond butter has a tendency to separate, but don’t worry. Just give it a hearty stir or two and it will come back together.

“OroLiquido” literally translates into “liquid gold.” Trust us, it lives up to its name.

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