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Maple & Pecan Oatie Bites from Reids of Caithness

Reids of Caithness

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Crunchy Oat Cookies Made with Real Maple Syrup

Pecans and hearty Scottish oats bring plenty of toasty nut flavor to these crunchy, tender cookies. Real maple syrup boosts the warm and cozy factor: You’ll want to get comfortable under a tartan blanket and nibble these with tea.

Reids of Caithness is a family bakery located in Scotland’s  northernmost town, where the moist, cool climate is perfect for growing oats. Gary Reid combines ancestral recipes with the locally grown grain to create tasty crackers and cookies that celebrate the distinctive nutty flavor of Scottish oats. Enjoy these cookies with a nice hot cuppa, spread with lightly sweetened mascarpone or crumble them over yogurt.

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Reids of Caithness
United Kingdom
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