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Mugolio (Pine Cone Bud Syrup) from Primitivizia


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Italian Pine Cone Bud Condiment for Desserts, Baking & Cheese

As seen in the New York Times Dining Section

The Dolomite Alps hold the secret to one of our favorite products—the mugo pine. A miniature pine tree of about 5 - 10 feet, this petite tree produces a pine cone that holds a sweet elixir, drawn out by the sun.

Elinora Cunacia—owner of Primitivizia—harvests these pine cones and stores them in sun-drenched glass jars for a few months, coaxing out the sweet syrup from within. In late Autumn, the syrup is filtered and cooked with sugar to a deep golden brown liquid. This prized condiment has a rich, woodsy honeyed flavor that complements fall produce like apples and pears, wild game and hearty meats as well as creamy cheeses like ricotta and mascarpone.

How to use

  • Serve whole-roasted apples with a dollop of mascarpone and a drizzle of mugolio.
  • Purée fresh whole-milk ricotta with a bit of mugolio and serve alongside a poached pear. 
  • Serve fresh vanilla gelato with sliced peaches and finish with mugolio.
  • Pour a bit over panna cotta or any custard.
  • Fill a crepe with creamy ricotta or mascarpone, sauteed pears and a drizzle of mugolio.
  • Use as a sauce for duck.

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Trentino-Alto Adige
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