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Black Truffle Mustard from KL Keller

KL Keller Foodways

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Truffle-Infused Dijon Mustard

Our dear friend and intrepid importer Kitty Keller searched the French countryside for years for a mustard made with the few, humble ingredients that belong in a mustard - namely mustard seeds and vinegar - and namely NOT mustard flour, citric acid, or water! After striking out, she turned her attention stateward and we're so happy she did.

These mustards are made by an American company with the finest ingredients - the finest mustard seeds, coarse sea salt, preserved black truffle - and are neatly intertwined with Dijon tradition.

The Black Truffle Mustard was named the Grand Champion of the Napa Valley Mustard Festival 2009! Click here for details.

How to use

KL Keller's Black Truffle Mustard's earthy flavor and Dijon tang make it ideal for spreading, slathering and spooning. Spread on a grilled mushroom patty melt, burger or roast beef sandwich. Slather on a pork loin before roasting. Add a spoonful to dressing for blanched green beans or toss a spoonful or two with roasted potatoes as they are coming out of the oven.

Black truffle mustard also turns into something magical when heat is applied. Take our recipe for Truffled Ham & Cheese Tart (pictured) for example. A thin layer of truffle mustard is spread on the bottom of the tart and during baking the truffle aroma is infused into the filling for the ultimate truffle bite. 


  • 2012 sofi™ Award Silver, Outstanding Condiment

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