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Fleur de Geisha Green Tea from Palais des Thés

Palais des Thés

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Delicate Japanese Green Tea Flavored with Cherry Blossoms

Tea type: Green

Flavor: Fleur de Geisha tea—a tribute to the women of Kyoto, Japan—combines Chinese green tea leaves with the flavor of delicate cherry blossoms. The brewed tea has a mild floral bouquet and a subtle grassiness similar in flavor to Japanese jasmine green teas.

Drink this tea with: This clean, crisp French green tea is the ideal mate for Japanese food.

Cooking with tea: Refresh your palate with Green Tea & Ginger Granita from New York Times Magazine.

About the Producer:
Palais des Thés, founded in 1986 by tea enthusiast and top tea sommelier François-Xavier Delmas, is committed to offering fine tea lovers exceptional quality teas from the choicest pluckings, responsibly and ethically sourced. Delmas and his tea tasters develop direct, supportive relationships with tea growers in India, China, Japan, Sri Lanka and South Africa, with a focus on environmental and working practices—and ultimately, the quality of the tea.

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Palais des Thés
100 grams (3.5 ounces)