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Bittersweet Chocolate Bar Trio from Poco Dolce

Poco Dolce Chocolates

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Poco Dolce means "little sweet" or "not too sweet" and what an appropriate name for Kathy Wiley's pioneering chocolate company that creates delicious and ever-so-slightly savory chocolates from the best ingredients available. Kathy's line of Bittersweet Bars is made by folding fresh and artisanal ingredients right into the warm chocolate. The flavorings meld perfectly with the chocolate for an incredibly smooth, luxurious bar.

This sweet set includes three of Kathy's best sellers: Bittersweet Chocolate with Sea Salt (the classic bittersweet bar with grey sea salt from Brittany), Olive Oil with Sea Salt (fresh California extra virgin olive oil with bittersweet chocolate and a kiss of sea salt) and Peanut Butter (our favorite, featuring smooth, creamy peanut butter and bittersweet chocolate with sea salt).

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Poco Dolce Chocolates
United States
San Francisco, California
Three 50g bars