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Honey & Oatmeal Oatie Bites from Reids of Caithness

Reids of Caithness

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Crunchy Oat Cookies for Sweet or Savory Preparations

There’s nothing wrong with simply honey, butter and oats. Combined, they make a not-too-sweet, crunchy oatie bite that can double as a cookie or a splendid cheese cracker. Or, for an afternoon pick-me-up, just add tea.

Reids of Caithness is a family bakery located in Scotland’s  northernmost town, where the moist, cool climate is perfect for growing oats. Gary Reid combines ancestral recipes with the locally grown grain to create tasty crackers and cookies that celebrate the distinctive nutty flavor of Scottish oats. Serve these sweet biscuits with nice black tea or use them to build your own ice cream sandwiches. 

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Reids of Caithness
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