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Fra' Mani Pancetta

Fra' Mani Handcrafted Foods

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Fra' Mani Pancetta is hand trimmed, hand salted and slowly aged skinless pork belly, made according to the traditional Italian production method of pancetta arrotolata (rolled pancetta). It has an excellent balance of lean and fat, and aromas of garlic, clove, bay leaf and black pepper.

Like an Italian bacon, pancetta is often sautéed and added to pasta dishes such as pasta alla carbonara. To make your own spicy amatriciana sauce, crisp chunks of pancetta in a pan with garlic, onion and red pepper flakes. Then add crushed tomatoes and serve with bucatini and Pecorino Romano.

You will receive a one-pound piece of UNSLICED, vacuum-packed pancetta.

About Fra’ Mani:
Fra’ Mani Handcrafted Foods, based in Berkeley, California, was founded by nationally-recognized chef Paul Bertolli. The culmination of Bertolli’s zeal for authentic handcrafted food, Fra’ Mani strives to keep old world food traditions alive in taste and technique. Fra’ Mani is derived from the Italian for “between or among hands” and conveys the message “from our hands to yours.”

Ingredients: Pork, sea salt, 2% or less of celery juice, garlic, spices, dextrose, starter culture.

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