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Pannocchie Pasta from Casina Rossa

Casina Rossa

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Ruffled Edges Soak Up Sauce Beautifully

Pannocchie roughly translates to "corncobs," and we happen to think that corn is is a terrific partner for this wonderfully ruffled pasta from Casina Rossa. Just add some fresh corn, crisp bacon pieces and a handful of greens, barely wilted, and your (supremely satisfying) dinner is ready.

Casina Rossa makes some of the most delicate cuts of pasta at their factory in Abruzzo, central Italy. We especially like pannocchie because all of those nooks really hold onto sauce. As they cook, the long noodles stretch out just enough to allow chunky sauce to work its way into the folds. For a fun twist on minestrone or chicken noodle soup, break the noodles into bite-size twirly pieces.

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