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Montagnoli Baked Figs from Colavolpe

Nicola Colavolpe

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Prized Italian Dottato Figs from Calabria

They're baaaack! Calling all fig fanatics—Colavolpe Montagnoli Baked Figs are the pinnacle of figgy delights. Succulent and sweet, with hints of orange, clove and cinnamon, they seduce with a luscious fig taste and texture.

The Colavolpe family has been crafting the finest fig delicacies for over three generations (many of you fig enthusiasts might relish in their panettone come the holidays!). They use local Calabrian varietals that flourish in the area, growing plump under the Mediterranean sun.

Their Montagnoli baked figs start with the prized Dottato fig, hand-harvested in the last hot days of summer when their flavor is the sweetest and most concentrated. The freshly picked figs are then set out on large mats to dry naturally in the Southern Italian sun. When they reduce to a third of their original size, the dried figs are then simple in a delicately spiced syrup and baked until perfectly glazed.

Fun fact: The syrup recipe is a closely-guarded family treasure. In fact, each of the three Colavolpe children has been given only a third of the recipe, a canny parental maneuver to ensure that the family works together in maintaining this legendary tradition.

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Nicola Colavolpe
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