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Pitted Agen Prunes


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Soft, Sweet & Delicious French Prunes

These are no ordinary prunes. The French have savored les Pruneaux d’Agen for centuries, regarding them as highly as foie gras or fine spirits. Slow oven-drying concentrates the plums’ natural sweetness before they are carefully rehydrated with steam. The result is exquisitely plump prunes with luscious, creamy texture.

Eating Agen Prunes is like getting in on an age-old secret: Prunes are fantastic! These lend full, ripe flavor and satisfying bite to all manner of sweet and savory dishes. Perfection on a cheese platter, these prunes would also be superb baked into a prune d'Agen tart (after soaking the prunes in muscat), transformed into prune ice cream, stuffed with foie gras or cooked into a sauce for roasted guinea fowl.  

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