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Bittersweet Chocolate Tiles with Sea Salt from Poco Dolce

Poco Dolce Chocolates

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Four Flavors of Bittersweet Sweet Chocolate Tiles

Poco Dolce means "little sweet" or "not too sweet" and what an appropriate name for Kathy Wiley's pioneering San Francisco chocolate company that is. She crafts delicious and ever-so-slightly savory chocolates from the best ingredients available.

Her first product is still her most popular and once you taste these tiles, you'll know why.  Kathy crafts perfect squares of her luxurious bittersweet chocolate with an assortment of stunning, complex flavors. As the chocolate begins to set, she showers the tiles with a coarse grey sea salt, elevating what's already a sumptous bite to a new level of indulgence.

Each box contains two of the following tiles:

Burnt Caramel - this caramel toes the line of "burnt" perfectly.  The flavor is bitter, but not acrid, and the salt rounds everything out.
Almond - double-roasted almonds are chopped and folded in to the chocolate for a nutty crunch.
Ginger - the zing of crystallized ginger is perfectly pronounced.
Aztec Chile - spicy chocolate seems trite at this point, but Kathy blazed the trail and hers is packed with chiles, cinnamon and ground pumpkin seeds!

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Poco Dolce Chocolates
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