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Wedding Imperial Tea by Mariage Frères

Mariage Frères

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Black Tea with Chocolate and Caramel

Tea Type: Black

Flavor: Wedding Imperial pleasantly sweet afternoon tea flavored with chocolate and caramel essences that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Drink this tea with: Serve with a touch of cream - no sugar needed. Enjoy this French tea with decadent Antonio Mattei Cantuccini studded with bittersweet chocolate.

Cooking with tea: Dazzle your guests with a tea fruit tart. Fill prepared tart shell with tea-infused custard and top with seasonal fruit.

Words from Mariage Frères tea house: “A paean to love. This glamorous blend is steeped in the passion that weds the malty power of golden Assam tea leaves to the sweetness of notes of chocolate and caramel. Perfect clarity. Evidence of a peerless marriage.”

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Mariage Frères

Customer Reviews

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J Lew
It took making a few cups ~

The idea of a tea for a wedding is what attracted me to this tea. It can also be the wedding of different flavors in the tea, so I wanted to get this tea to have on special mornings, when I would have the time to sit and enjoy it. At first I was not crazy about the tea, there is a caramel taste, however in trying it for three mornings I do like it now. A nice change so this makes teatime special tea drinkers.

Gina Despres
Wedding Imperial is the emperor of teas.

Delightful perfume, rich caramel taste, a truly satisfying cup.

Kristin Mateo
Delicious tea that pairs well with milk and a bit of brown sugar

An all time favorite tea of mine for almost 2 decades. Warm rich and excellent with a splash of milk and a bit of brown sugar. Never disappoints!!


Wedding Imperial Tea by Mariage Frères

June Delp
Fabulous fragrance and flavour

I just love this tea. It's good for having with biscuits (cookies), cake, or even a piece or two of dark chocolate. Really scrumptious!