Bélvis de la Navas

The Belvís de la Navas estate has been in Sandro Gamzo Hohenlohe’s family for three generations, dating back to the 1940s when his grandmother, the Marquise Piedad de Yturbe, fell in love with the Costa del Sol region of Andalusia, Spain. Located in the southernmost part of the country between the Sierra Bianca Mountains and the Sierra de la Nieves foothills, the region is known for its sweeping coasts, tall cliffs, steep valleys and wild terrain.

The wildest areas of the Belvís de la Navas estate were left untouched for years until Sandro and his team started clearing brush and overgrowth for forest fire prevention. It was then that they discovered something magical—trellised olive trees, hidden for decades. Sandro sent the seven olive varietals found on the estate to get DNA-tested (that's right, there's an international catalog of olive types) and to his surprise received news that four out of the seven were uncatalogued! These organic wild olive varietals, known as Acebuchina, date back to Moorish times and are specific only to that particular region.

With such unique olives, the natural next step was to make an olive oil highlighting these varietals. The nearest olive mill was not close enough to Belvís de la Navas, so Sandro and his team built a state-of-the-art mill on the estate in shipping containers. The olives are grown organically, hand-harvested every fall and pressed within hours of harvest on the Belvís de la Navas estate. The result is an expertly-blended oil that is truly a testament to the land.

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