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Truffle Almonds from Miller Farms

Miller Farms

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We'd challenge you to find a better snack to accompany a glass of crisp rosé, an ice-cold beer or a glass of bubbly at your summer cocktail parties.

Miller Farms in Modesto, California has been growing almonds for four generations and they've got it down to an's all done sustainably and with an eye toward tradition. Here, they've taken their fresh almonds, roasted them with olive oil and seasoned them with the truffle salt from Casina Rossa that we've been selling for years. The earthy truffle and sweet almond flavor make us wonder how this hasn't happened sooner!

Besides the relentless snacking you'll do, we came up with a couple of ideas for using these...not that you'll have any left.  Pulse them in the food processor and toss with toasted breadcrumbs for topping pasta.  These almond-truffled breadcrumbs also make a savory crust for chicken. And perhaps our favorite of all is the exquisite Truffle Almond Gremolata - we've used it atop grilled lamb chops and it was, honestly, exquisite.

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