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Truffle Salt

Casina Rossa

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The pungent aroma and flavor of black summer truffles meets a fine grain Italian sea salt in this incredible product from Casina Rossa in Abruzzo. A family-run company since 1955, Casina Rossa is dedicated to preserving traditional Italian food culture. This truffle salt is the prime example of their ability to stay current & relevant amid the changing food culture of Italy and beyond.

We fell in love with this lovely product when our host sprinkled it atop a grilled filet of beef. But you can try it to finish a porcini risotto, a simple pasta dish of sweet cream butter & Parmigiano-Reggiano, or our new favorite way to kick start the day...sprinkled over fried or scrambled eggs. And for the quickest truffled popcorn ever, toss freshly-cooked popcorn with clarified butter and truffle salt!

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Casina Rossa
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