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Venchi Crema Cacao (Chocolate Hazelnut Spread)


A direct quote from a customer - "this tastes like Nutella, but WAY better!". It really is the perfect description because it is essentially the same ingredients. We'll let you in on a little secret, though...the Nutella for sale in the US, which used to be made in Italy, is made in Canada. And it's filled with preservatives and stabilizers...

Venchi's Crema Cacao is a luxurious blend of chocolate & the famous Piedmont hazelnuts - perfectly roasted hazelnuts and rich, creamy chocolate (gianduja) to spread on anything & everything. We spread it on toasted baguette for breakfast, toasted levain for lunch, and toasted brioche for dessert. We lather up bananas and jazz up ice cream. There truly is nothing you can't enjoy MORE with the addition of this heavenly concoction.

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  1. Nutella on steroids

    Posted by Mark Eisenbraun on 5th Mar 2010

    I was never a big fan of Nutella and the version sold in the US is even less of a pleasure than that sold in Europe, but this product is superb, a spreadable gianduja with all the smoothness and richness of flavor but not the stiffness. Spread it on bread, on toast, on a croissant, or just eat it out of the jar. You won't be disappointed.

  2. Absolutely the best gianduja spread ever!

    Posted by Persephone1 on 4th Mar 2010

    I've always loved Nutella--hazelnut and chocolate together are irresistible flavors. So I couldn't resist trying this Venchi spread. When I tasted it I was completely knocked out--the intense dark flavor and luxurious texture are beyond anything! Try a heaping spoonful on ice cream--it becomes chewy and dense. I'll never be satisfied with regular chocolate sauce again!

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