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Robert Lambert Preserved Citrus


A California twist on the Moroccan specialty from award-winning author and chef Robert Lambert. The fruits for these fantastic condiments are born under the California sun - the sweet and tart Meyer lemons are abundant in the Bay Area, but hardly seen outside of our borders. The Rangpur lime, which is actually a rare variety of sour orange, has a wonderful flavor that marries perfectly with fish.

Traditionally preserved lemons are used in tagines, a stew of lamb or chicken cooked in a vessel of the same name. We think these produce a fantastic twist on the traditional tagine, but we've really taken to using them raw. After rinsing, stir a bit of finely diced Meyer lemon into hummus or babaganoush. Try mixing a bit of the Rangpur lime into a salsa crudo with cucumbers & tomatoes. You can throw them into salad dressings, homemade olive mixes, compound butters or stuff a fish with herbs and preserved citrus.

8 ounces
Robert Lambert
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  1. Overwhelmingly Delicious Taste

    Posted by Angelyn Arcaro on 13th Jun 2013

    I love to use Meyer lemons...the flavor is so distinct, not acidic in any way, just a pronounced lemon taste, no bitterness. Meyer lemons add a unique taste to fish, chicken and vegetables...great product!

  2. Not what I expected

    Posted by chambolle on 7th Aug 2012

    I love anything in brine. I love lemons and limes. I thought I would love these preserved lemons and limes. I was somewhat disappointed. In my experience, preserved citrus is firm, these are not - the lemons and limes pretty much turn to paste when you try to dice the skins and rind. Far better are the preserved Tunisian lemons available from Les Moulins Mahjoub, and somewhat less expensive to boot.


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