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Pohutukawa Honey Butter

This is barely a recipe, but it's oh-so-good! Use this creamy butter to top pancakes, waffles, toast, scones or use it to glaze ham.


  • 3 parts sweet butter, softened
  • 1 part Pohutukawa Honey


In a food processor, or by hand in a bowl, combine the butter and honey. Will keep at room temperature for 3 - 4 days.


Pohutukawa Honey from Waitemata


This native tree grows best in conditions in which most other trees wouldn't even attempt to grow! They love rocky, craggy soil near the edge of cliffs. In fact, the roots of the Pohutukawa tend to burrow down deep into the ground, past the rocks and into the sea water beneath. And since there is no water source besides rain on Rangitoto Island, this is often their best source of water.

It is this trait, this salty, marine influence on the trees that shines through in the honey produced from the flowers. New Zealanders have long known the secrets of this wonderful and unique tree, known as the New Zealand Christmas Tree. Pohutukawa Honey has an incredibly smooth texture and creamy white color. It is pure and uncooked, straight from the beehives to the jar. The flavor  is very unique - sweet and rounded with a minerally, salty tang.

Try using it as a sweetener in sorbets this summer...lime or grapefruit would be incredible.  It is fantastic stirred into iced green tea. And Pohutukawa makes a fantastic honey butter - simply blend 3 parts softened sweet butter with 1 part honey. Spread this on warm scones, toast or melt over pancakes.

New Zealand
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  1. honey of a honey

    Posted by matilda friedrich on 24th Aug 2011

    This honey is fabulous. An intriguing taste that is lemony and flowerey - like nothing I've ever tasted - and a consistency that is wonderful.


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