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Organic Kamut Spaghetti


Rustichella d'Abruzzo is happy to introduce pasta made from Kamut. Nutty and sweet, this pasta is not terribly different in flavor or texture than traditional durum wheat pasta - but the health benefits are significant. Try tossing with a light pesto or serve with a primavera-style dressing of summer vegetables and extra virgin olive oil.

The story of Kamut is a rather strange one - the short version is that a few grains of kamut were found in Egypt and sent to Montana in the 1950's for cultivation.  After a lack of interest, all 1500 bushels were sold as cattle feed and it seemed this breed of wheat, called "King Tut's Wheat", would vanish forever. It was nearly 40 years before Kamut showed back up in the health food boom of the 1990's.

It's the unique make-up of Kamut, called Giant Wheat, that so interested food folks then and now. Kamut has 40% more protein, higher lipids and amino acids and more vitamins and minerals than traditional wheat and has a sweet, hearty flavor that many wheat intolerant people can tolerate (check with your doctor before trying).

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Rustichella D'Abruzzo
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  1. Just like the "real" stuff . . .

    Posted by susan on 25th Jun 2011

    Just tried my first box of kamut spaghetti; great taste, excellent texture, and you hardly know you're doing something really good for yourself. This doesn't feel like "giving up" something, but gaining something. I will definitely be back for more.


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