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Organic Blue Agave Syrup


This quote from the folks at Wholesome Sweeteners sums up how they feel and how we feel...

"Sometimes it seems that we’re a long way from real food. As a company, we appreciate consumers who take the time to read labels. Product labels tell us where the food comes from, who made it, what is in it and how it is produced."

This philosophy hits especially close to home when one is dealing with raw ingredients, like corn and sugar cane. Commodities like these are governed by price - lower is better - and so when we found a company who pays a fair price for a great product, we wanted to be a part of what they're doing.

The blue agave syrup has a clean sweetness that's actually 25% sweeter than sugar, so you don't need to use as much in recipes. The mature agave plants (6 - 8 years) hold a pineapple-like fruit called, of course, a piña. The fruit is pressed to release the syrup which is then very gently cooked, converting the syrup to fructose. Most commonly used in baking and beverages, we actually love using agave syrup in ice creams, sorbets and it's great in BBQ sauce.

Replacing sugar with agave syrup in baking is an inexact science, but in general you can use 3/4 of the amount and reduce the other liquids in the recipe by 1/3.

11 ounces
Wholesome Sweeteners
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