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  • The New York Times - January 12, 2011
  • Oprah Magazine - April 2010

Serving Suggestions

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Mugolio Martini

Crisp and very cold is the way to serve this perfectly piney martini.


  • 2 shots of gin (3 ounces)
  • a dash of Dry Vermouth (1/2 ounce)
  • 3 drops of Mugolio


In a chilled cocktail shaker, mix the gin and vermouth.  In a cold martini glass, sprinkle the Mugolio and pour in the shaken martini.


Mugolio (Pine Cone Bud Syrup) from Primitivizia


As seen in the New York Times Dining Section

The Dolomite Alps hold the secret to one of our favorite products - the mugo pine. A miniature pine tree of about 5 - 10 feet, this petite tree produces a pine cone that holds a sweet elixir, drawn out by the sun.

Elinora Cunacia, owner of Primitivizia, harvests these pine cones and stores them in sun-drenched glass jars for a few months, coaxing out the sweet syrup from within. In late Autumn, the syrup is filtered and cooked with sugar to a deep golden brown liquid. This syrup has a rich, pine and honey flavor that is a perfect complement to apples and pears, creamy cheeses like ricotta or mascarpone and stone fruits like peaches.

We'll share a few of our tricks with you...

• Serve whole-roasted apples with a dollop of mascarpone and a drizzle of mugolio.
• Puree fresh whole-milk ricotta with a bit of mugolio and serve alongside a poached pear.
• Serve fresh vanilla gelato with sliced peaches and finish with mugolio.
• Pour a bit over panna cotta or any custard.
• Fill a crepe with creamy ricotta or mascarpone, sauteed pears and a drizzle of mugolio.
• Use as a sauce for duck.

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  1. Love this product! very exotic

    Posted by c on 14th Mar 2013

    It's diverse and ads depth and interest to many dishes. Wonderful as a glaze for baked salmon.

  2. Highly Recommended

    Posted by Anonymous on 17th Oct 2011

    This Mugolio was the first thing I ever bought from Market Hall Foods, and it was such a success in my family that it inspired a Christmas tradition of always making sure to include a few items from MHF under the tree for my parents. We are all foodies in my family, and this was a fun and unusual treat that really was delicious and exceeded all our expectations. Mugolio single-handedly won us over in favor of MHF forever. Thanks!

  3. Magical Mugolio!

    Posted by sally cameron on 3rd Mar 2010

    After reading the description on MHF I couldn't resist trying Mugolio. I love to find exotic, new and different ingredients. This magical syrup is sweet yet piney all at once. It's great on cheese as an appetizer (drizzle it over crostini smeared with goat cheese)at the beginning of a meal or serve as part of a cheese course at then end. And it's incredible over cheesecake! I wrote about it on my blog. http://www.sallycameron.com/category/recipees/desserts/

    Thank you MHF!


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