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Montelimar Nougat from Suprem'Nougat


The legend goes that in the 17th century, a sweet old woman would make a secret candy for her nephews and nieces...when they saw it, they would exclaim, "tu nous gates", or "you spoil us". When she passed, she bequeathed the secret recipe to her favorite niece Lina and asked her to name them after their cries of joy, "nougat!". This much loved confection is a simple blend of egg whites, almonds, pistachios, and lavender honey. Made both in Provence and in Italy with slight differences in recipes, it has become a dessert staple in both countries.

Ours is made by a brother and sister team, Jacques and Ghislaine Savin, who took over the company from their father in 1989. A lifetime of experience goes into creating this tasty confection.

3.5 ounces
Yakami Orchard
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  1. another Gluten free treat

    Posted by Patricia Lindgren on 24th Aug 2011

    Since I can't have gluten I avoid a lot of desserty type of foods - However I have a thin slice of nougat every evening after dinner. Perfect!

  2. So delicious even my husband approved!

    Posted by Vanessa on 24th Aug 2011

    My sister and I own a chocolate company in Portland (we sometimes buy the candied lemon peel to decorate our Meyer lemon truffles), and as a huge foodie, I started to look around the site past just our "necessities." I saw this nougat and had to try it, as both my husband and I love nougat - and since he is from Morocco he's used to confections from France, and therefore no nougat here had appealed to him until I ordered from MHF. It was gone within an hour. I need to order more soon!!

  3. Back to the south of France.

    Posted by Marisa Vita on 25th Mar 2010

    I ordered this nougat hoping it would remind me of my summer by Fayence, France, and it has. This nougat is absolutely delicious and every bite is blissful. I highly recommend this product for a little escape to Provence. Merci Markethallfoods!

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