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Millefiori Honey from Franca Franzoni


Millefiori honey is the blended wildflower honey. This honey is sweet, floral and mild and can be used in anything from tea and scones to baking. Also try Sulla Honey and Chestnut Honey from Franca Franzoni.

About the Producer:
Franca Franzoni is a bit of a kindred spirit with her bees.  They fly around the countrysides of Chianti, collecting nectar from her chestnut trees and fields of wildflowers and bring it back to the hives that Franca painstakingly maintains. She watches the bees carefully, monitoring their collection and movement, waiting for just the right moment to harvest the honey.  These honeys are gathered using no heat whatsoever - only centrifuge is used to remove the honey from the hives and time passes to allow the honey to mellow.

8.8 oz
Franca Franzoni
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  1. Franca's Honey is Out of This World!

    Posted by Deborah Bass on 29th Sep 2010

    I first tried this honey at a restaurant in the Bay Area and just had to have it! Who knew eating honey could be such an experience? It's delectable! This "Thousand Flower Honey" has changed the way I think about and eat honey. This year, I'm sharing my treasure with all of my friends as Christmas presents, along with the story behind Franca's painstaking devotion to her bees!

  2. Going nut's for honey.

    Posted by Shereen on 4th Mar 2010

    Very unique flavor. You can taste the nut flavor this Is a bit more flavor than traditional honey. Worth the experience.


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