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Mead and Mead's Maple Syrup


It's telling that when the Mead's began building their new sugarhouse years ago, one of the most important elements was a good rocking chair. Sure, they needed a reverse osmosis machine to filter the water out of the sap, but as important was a good place to sit and wait…making maple syrup is anything but quick.

When you think of maple syrup, Connecticut may not be the first place to pop to mind - Vermont, Canada, Maine, maybe. But as it turns out, some of the finest maple syrup around comes from the maple trees in Canaan Valley, CT on the farm of Winter and Jude Mead. They've been harvesting sap and producing syrup for over 25 years and their grade A, medium amber is some of the best we've ever tried.

The flavor of Mead and Mead's Maple Syrup is not cloying, but rather rich and delicate with a clean, natural sweetness.Maple syrup this good makes it crystal clear why there really is no substitute. It's obviously wonderful over pancakes, waffles and our favorite, Jonnycakes (a traditional New England cornmeal pancake). It's also nice over any sort of morning porridge, like wheat cereal or soft polenta. Try a bit poured over your morning oatmeal sprinkled with walnuts and dried cherries.

It's lovely over yogurt with fresh blueberries or strawberries. It's also great over vanilla ice cream or mixed into your favorite ice cream base.

250 ml
United States
Mead and Mead
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