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McClure's Pickles


As seen on The Food Network's "The Best Thing I Ever Ate"

We stumbled upon these pickles at the 2008 UNFancy Food Show in Brooklyn...(think of it as the Woodstock of food trade shows).

Joe & Bob McClure have a serious love for pickled cucumbers. Their time is divided between Brooklyn and Detroit, either city can provide the things they need to make their outstanding pickles...locally-grown organic cucumbers, water and their signature blend of spices. There's little else going on inside this jar, but they've captured something special. The fresh flavor of the cucumber is a little bit shocking...super crisp, a little spicy or garlicy (depending on which you choose) and a really nice brightness. We like to stack ham, roasted and sliced pork loin, swiss cheese and one whole pickle inside a sandwich destined for the panini press - you'll never taste a better Cubano.

And those handsome labels?  They're printed using vegetable inks on presses powered by wind electricity! How's that for a pickle with pedigree?

32 ounces
United States
McClure's Pickles
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  1. The Best EVER!

    Posted by Maggie on 16th Jun 2013

    These are the best pickles ever! THe garlic dill are cruntchy, firm, spicy, with a hint of sweet. I LOVE these pickles!

  2. Best

    Posted by Bunny on 17th Jan 2013

    These are the best pickles in the world!!!

  3. Expensive and worth it

    Posted by chambolle on 7th Aug 2012

    A whole lotta $$$ to spend on a jar of pickles, you say. You're right. But they're worth it. The spicy version definitely packs a punch and they're my favorite of the two McClure's 'flavors.' Bonus: get some fresh pickling cukes from the farmer's market, slice them up into spears and drop them in the jar. Give them a few days and you've got some dandy fresh pickles.

  4. The Total Package

    Posted by Mark Pole on 31st May 2012

    These pickles are the absolute bomb, especially spicy, but what's left over after the pickles are gone, makes the best drinks in the world! Bloody Mary's in an empty McClure's pickle jar...fantastic.Totally recyclable.

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