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Mariage Frères Pleine Lune


The splendor of a ‘Full Moon’. Inspired by that heavenly body and the realm of dreams, this poetic blend combines fragrances evoking the feast of the full moon: fruits, rare spices, and the sweet taste of honey. A true moonbeam.

Since 1854, Mariage Frères has been sourcing and blending the worlds' finest teas. And their history goes back even further, to the 1600s in fact, when their ancestors began sailing to distant lands in search of new and exotic flavors. For 150 years, their teas have been brewed at the worlds' finest restaurants, hotels and teahouses.

Mariage Frères
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  1. Warming, Comforting, Romantic, Autumn/Winter Tea.

    Posted by June Petrie on 3rd Jul 2014

    I bought this tea based on the description advertised. It did not let me down. It's a beautiful tea that took me on a journey to the winter holidays. I think it's the cinnamon. I'm not complaining because I hate summer and hot weather. So, it made me happy ! I can't wait to drink it when a good storm comes through. Ah, that will be heaven !

  2. Lightly spicy

    Posted by Christy on 19th Jun 2013

    Pleine Lune is one of my favorite autumn teas. It has a very light spice flavor and the almond gives it a creamy, smooth sweetness. It's not unlike chai tea, but much more subtle and great straight up.

  3. Very Delicious

    Posted by Jessica on 24th Feb 2011

    This is my first tea from France and I assure you it is worth every cent. Opening the box and the canister is an experience in of itself. The smell of the tea is delightful, and it never loses that aroma, even after you make a cup. I am not a straight black tea drinker but this one tea I could drink with nothing added to it. It still tastes great even if you add cream/milk and honey/sugar. I highly recommend this tea for people who like very sweet, flavorful, and aromatic teas.


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