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Lemon Pepper Salt from K.L. Keller


Lemon Pepper seems like a very 1950's flavor to us. It's also probably true that if anyone has Lemon Pepper in their spice drawer, it's from the 1950's. But when our friend Kitty Keller told us she wanted to revive this comfort food classic, we were intrigued.

But Kitty wanted to put the emphasis on the salt - she uses a great Spanish sea salt and combines it with dried lemon peel, lemon oil, cracked black pepper and a dash of citric acid to amplify the citrus notes. We first tasted it on a batch of perfectly crispy french fries fresh out of the oil - we were immediately convinced! The lemon flavor really sings and the heat from the pepper is a nice counterpoint.

Once we set our team loose on this product, the ideas really started to flow. We seasoned bread cubes destined for the oven for excellent croutons. It makes a wonderful finishing salt for pork loin; seasoning an entire pork loin is difficult without brining, so use this to season once the loin is sliced. We love it in popcorn with good extra virgin olive oil, instead of butter.

It's also great with seafood - season the fish and the flour for dredging filets of sole before pan-roasting. This actually works well with tofu as well.

And as we said…french fries!

6 ounces
KL Keller
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  1. The Best Lemon Pepper Salt Ever

    Posted by Cheryl on 1st Aug 2012

    I absolutely love this this salt. I'm on my 2nd jar and use it for almost everything, but lately on fresh sliced tomatoes and mozzarello salads. It's great on chicken and fish too. All you need is a little olive oil to go with it.


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