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Ghee from Ancient Organics


Simply put, this is the most outstanding ghee we've ever tasted. The incredibly nice folks at Ancient Organics take more than just pride in making this traditional Indian clarified butter. They buy the best butter available, 100% organic Straus Creamery butter, and clarify it in their Berkeley kitchens. They take many steps to remain true to the history and tradition of ghee production - for example, they only produce ghee in 'Shukla Paksh', when the moon is full or waxing, because this is the most peaceful time of the month.

The result is a beautifully smooth, creamy fat that will heat to intensely hot temperatures without burning. It is superb for sautes, baking, or frying and makes a flavorful topping for everything from baked potatoes to freshly popped popcorn.

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Ancient Organics
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  1. This Will Become A Staple In Our House

    Posted by Elaine S on 10th Nov 2010

    I was reluctant to try this ghee as I had tried some at a local health food store that I just couldn't eat. I am very picky about my dairy as I know what really good high quality dairy products should taste like. I have slow churned my own organic farm butter back in the day & know that high standards of quality care means happy cows & great products. This ghee is exceptional. My husband is dairy intolerant & will switch to this for cooking instead of the 'healthy butter flavored spreads' as ghee is superior health wise especially when used for frying or heated. This product is also the highest food source of CLA which is great for dieters. To preserve the sweetness of this product, I store my ghee in a dark cupboard but plan to refrigerate in warmer temps.


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