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Dolce Alveare Thyme Blossom Honey


Renowned for its aroma and flavor, the bees hover over bright violet fields of wild thyme between the last weeks of June until mid-July. Thyme honey is a very strong, intensely aromatic honey with resinous, herbal, savory flavors. It is fresh, with notes of tropical fruits, dates and white pepper, and has a persistent, lingering flavor in the mouth. This honey crystallizes into fine grains in a short time after opening. Its has an intense and complex aroma of spicy, dried flowers, cedar and clove with strong flavors of Marsala wine and pepper. This is a savory honey. Use in glazes, marinades, sauces and reductions. Dilute a few spoons in a cup of white wine with a pinch of sea salt and white pepper and reduce to a velvety glaze for an unusual condiment to grilled fish such as red snapper, San Pietro (John Dory) as well as roasted chicken or game.

Thyme is a member of Lamiaceae, the nectar-producing mint family that includes sage, oregano, and lavender as relatives. There are over 350 different species of thyme but Gangi Dante’s dry rocky soil was planted with the notable honey producing species of Wild Thyme (Thymuss Capitatus). The cooperation with the bee keepers from Dolce Alveare and Gangi Dante produced the monofloral Thyme and Oregano blossom honeys which will stun even the most educated honey palate.

8.8 ounces
Dolce Alveare
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