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Crystallized Whole Roses


Preserved in their natural state, these whole roses are simply coated in sugar and then dried. Add a sophisticated touch to wedding cakes, tortes and pavlovas. Or, use to decorate appetizer platters, savory dishes like lamb tagine, or even float a rose in a champagne flute! These flowers are delicate and edible, but they don't taste like much more than sugar. The roses will arrive in a selection of soft colors, such as peach, lavender, pink, red, yellow, orange and purple and can range in sizes from one to 3 inches wide.   

About the Producer:

Fresh Origins, a sustainable and certified for food safety farm outside of San Diego, California, is the country's largest grower of MicroGreens and Edible Flowers. David Sasuga founded the farm in 1995 and now runs the company with the help of his daughter, Kelly. This family farm is dedicated to running an efficient, safe and clean operation, with an emphasis on waste and 'carbon footprint' reduction. Spraying for pest control is minimized by utilizing precautions such as screening and sticky tape, but when spraying is necessary, safe materials such as garlic, clove and rosemary oils are used. Caring for their employees' well being is another priority of Fresh Origins. Employees are paid fair wages and are provided benefits, including paid health insurance.

10 pieces
United States
Fresh Origins
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