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Conservas Ortiz Anchovies


One of our favorite tricks to play on our dinner guests is to slip anchovies into a dish where they'd least suspect it. Melting these plump little fish into a pool of slowly heating olive oil, one might not be able to place that nutty, briny flavor as anchovy. But we just love the depth it adds to sauces and dressings. Plucked from the Cantabrian Sea off the northern coast of Spain, these fleshy pink fish are cured in salt for at least six months before being hand-filleted and packed in olive oil. The small pick helps pulling the boneless fillets easily from the jar and into your recipe!

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Conservas Ortiz
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  1. Exceeds What I thought an Anchovie could be!!!

    Posted by Michael B. on 16th Oct 2013

    I love to cook ...and I'm always on the lookout for exceptional ingredients to make my recipes have the depth of flavor that will turn the seemly simple into the sublime. That said, there is a Salad I had (actually I went back several times for more!!) from a very small Italian restaurant in Atwater Village just over the Hyperion Bridge from Silver Lake in LA that was amazing and contained Anchovies...
    The recipe was simple, as I remember it was Shaved Fennel,Anchovies, Flat Parsley,and shaved Asiago with a Lemon and Virgin Olive oil dressing...some cracked black pepper....and viola!! I've tried to recreate it from memory but it wasn't until I discovered these Ortiz Anchovies that I was finally happy with my re-creation... in fact these are not only the best and ONLY Anchovies I use now ... they are great just out of the jar into your mouth!!! Slightly sweet, very meaty, fantastic texture and not too salty...just the right amount!!! I hope Ortiz will continue to export their products to the USA...I'm always concerned these days about the Oceans being over fished...

    Anyways Bon Appetite everyone!


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