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Community Grains Identity Preserved Organic Wheat Fusilli Lunghi

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"Identity Preserved" (IP) is the term used to for maintaining a product's specific traits or characteristics from the point of production to its end use. This organic line of IP pasta takes Community Grains' commitment to transparency to the next level by providing detailed information about the breed of wheat and variety used, the farm where it was grown, when it was harvested, when and where the wheat was milled, and the type of mill stone used.

Hard Amber Durum Fusilli Lunghi, the first product in the IP line, is a limited production run made with 100% whole grain Desert King wheat grown by Front Porch Farm in Healdsburg; a 100-acre farm situated on the banks of the Russian River in Northern California. The wheat was harvested in July 2012, and milled in October 2012.

About the Producer:

Working with local farmers, millers, and bakers, Community Grains is helping re-establish a local grain economy in northern California. This dynamic company is pioneering new standards of quality, transparency and integrity in artisanal legumes and whole grain foods. They continue to maintain and forge new relationships with farmers in California expanding their community—and creating delicious food.

Their exceptional whole wheat pastas are made from locally farmed, uniquely milled heirloom grains. Unlike conventionally milled whole grain flour, 100% of the germ, bran and endosperm are retained, resulting in a truly “whole wheat” product with spectacular flavor and texture. Beyond mere “farm to table” relevance, this is pasta with a culinary pedigree. Both as a food community model as well as a superb grocery product, it just plain makes sense – and tastes extraordinary.

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12 ounces
United States
Community Grains
SOLD OUT - please contact us if you would like to be notified when this item returns info@markethallfoods.com (Currently Sold Out)


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