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Chocolate Dulce de Leche from La Salamandra


While we respect a producer that does one thing and does it perfectly, the addition of dark chocolate to our dear dulce de leche had us eating our words. It is the perfect combination; milk and chocolate go together beautifully, as do caramel and chocolate, so if you can combine those three by blending pure dark chocolate into the creamy dulce de leche...all the better. Try the Classic Dulce de Leche, too!

No one's sure who started it, the Argentinians or the French, but the idea was brilliant nonetheless.  Take the day's fresh whole milk and cook it with a little sugar until it's burnished, sweet and sticky. What separates this from caramel is the depth of flavor you get from the slow cooking of the milk...the flavor is far more complex and sophisticated than your average caramel sauce. Since it contains far more milk than sugar, it's not overwhelmingly sweet.

About the Producer:
The artisans at La Salamandra have been producing dulce de leche with milk from their own cows for over 20 years. The fresh milk is piped from the milking stations into their facility next door where the process begins. The key with dulce de leche is to cook it slowly. The milk needs to reduce at the same rate as the sugar caramelizes to produce a thick, sweet sauce that requires no preservatives or additives.

16 oz
La Salamandra
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