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Candied Orange Peel Strips


This product is all-natural and free of preservatives. The ingredient list is short and sweet: orange peel, sugar and glucose. No corn syrup, no sulfur and no citric acid.

We've tried candied orange peel from all over the world and this is without a doubt our favorite.  Sweet and slightly bitter with a sour tang, these strips of orange peel are packed in a bit of syrup to ensure moisture and freshness.

Ideal for baking, garnishes, or dipping into dark chocolate for a decadent dessert. We like to serve candied orange peel with cheese as well - the sweet and tart flavor compliments aged cheese particularly well.

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  1. Delightfully snackable (and bake-able)

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Aug 2012

    I bought these for baking, and like another reviewer, found myself nibbling instead. The taste is fabulous and I feel totally justified reaching into the bag for snacks. They're head and shoulders better than the usual brands that are available.

    The only downside for me was the stickiness. Is there a way to make these moist without the syrup?

  2. Love 'em

    Posted by s on 14th Nov 2010

    perfect for my holiday baking. no funny ingredients, just goodness. Thank you - yummy things, these orange jewels. (also bought lemon strips and they are good, too)

  3. Excellent Keeper In The Fridge

    Posted by Elaine S on 29th Sep 2010

    I had bought these without really knowing how I would use them, so I stored them in the fridge. One day I finally opened the bag & sampled one. A bit sticky, but yummy. Over time, I ended up eating the whole bag. I need to find a recipe!


    Posted by S. Schiffler on 5th Mar 2010

    These candied oranges are so good that they have changed how I bake. I'm always thinking of ways to sneak them into my baked goods. Fablous in Biscotti and Florentines!!

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