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Candied Citron Cubes


This product is all-natural and free of preservatives. The ingredient list is short and sweet: citron peel, sugar and glucose. Citron is most traditionally used in panettone or stollen with raisins and a rich, buttery dough.

We've just received a fresh supply of candied fruits! With a sweet and very slightly bitter flavor, our candied citron comes from Italy, where candied fruits are a big part of the food culture.

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  1. Worth the wait til it is back in stock!

    Posted by Abi Woodbridge on 29th Aug 2011

    This CITRON has a grand subtle flavor, is semi-sweet and pleasingly chewy-crunchy when baked. I tried for YEARS to find 'real' citron for baking. We used to have real food when I was a kid and oh how I have missed REAL CITRON.

    I live on a remote island in Alaska. For 35 years, whenever I'd go to the mainland or to the lower 49, I'd search for REAL CITRON - the kind without chemical preservatives which makes food taste metallic.

    AT LAST - I found REAL CITRON here at Market Hall Foods last year when I located the website. Bought 2 pounds and have been doling it out bit by precious bit ever since. I gave it 4 stars because nothing is perfect :) but this is close!

    It keeps very well in the fridge in original packaging or better yet - put in tightly sealed glass jars. I have been working my way thru my stash for about 6 months now and the last is as good as the first.

    I make buttermilk muffins when friends come up for tea and use this Citron with equal amounts of dried cranberries and lots of fresh ground cardamom. Yummmm!

    My only regret is that I did not get 3 pounds and re-order earlier.

  2. This is the key to my panettone!

    Posted by Jennifer on 11th Mar 2010

    I searched for candied citron for my panettone and finally found it at Market Hall. It is wonderful, all natural, soft and sweet. Not dried out like candied fruits from other sources. Wonderful!!!

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