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Cabot Clothbound Cheddar


A scrumptious, natural-rind cheddar made in the style of the English giants, like Montgomery’s and Quicke’s Cheddars.  Aside from being utterly delicious in its own right, this cheese has an economic agenda to protect rural dairy farming in New England. 

Made for the Cabot Co-Operative from the milk of a single herd of Holstein cows, this cheddar is then transferred to the Cellars at Jasper Hill in Greensboro, VT, where it is larded and bound in muslin to begin its 10-month stay in their cheese caves.  The Cellars at Jasper Hill buy young, “green” cheese from small dairies in New England in order to age, market and distribute it across the country.  They help keep these small dairies in business by providing a market for their specialty product, and help spread these great cheeses to areas that might otherwise never have the chance to taste them – a real treat for us on the west coast!

While Cabot is a large co-operative, this cheese shows their commitment also to small producers and their artisanal cheeses.  Each wheel of Cabot Clothbound develops a natural rind under the cloth, which both protects the interior and allows the cheese to breathe, leading to more complex flavor development than you’ll find in cheddar sealed in plastic or wax.  At 10-12 months old, Cabot Clothbound has a firm texture that shows the texture of the curds, with a pliant butteriness and slight crunch on the tongue.  Sweeter than the English counterparts, with undertones of toasted caramel and high notes of grass and butter; an invaluable cheese on the plate or in the kitchen. 

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  1. Among the best domestic cheddars

    Posted by Griff Wodtke on 15th Jun 2013

    Although Cabot is a big operation, with the co-op's lesser cheddars available in most grocery stores, the clothbound cheddar is a different animal. It is a single-source cheese, wonderfully crumbly with a deep, complex flavor. It is sharp, but not so much so as to overwhelm all other sensations. Really excellent, and one of the few American cheddars that can stand comparison with the top British cheddars.

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