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Beemster X.O. Aged Gouda



A superb aged gouda.  The Beemster co-operative has been making and aging cheese for over a century in the Beemster municipality of the Netherlands.  The Beemster polder is 20 feet below sea-level, with an incredibly nutrient-rich earth and grasses that sustain the cows for most of the year. 

The co-op also works with Caring Dairy, a program that provides resources for farmers to maintain sustainability via appropriate energy use, healthy animals and a good economic return.   Aged for a minimum of 26 months, Beemster X.O. is a hard, dense cheese with intense flavors of butterscotch, smoky caramel and toasted almonds.  The texture is firm but maintains a butteriness that’s irresistible, as well as the signature crunch that’s found in a well-aged cheese.  For a new twist on a classic dessert, try shaving Beemster X.O. over a bowl of vanilla ice cream or a slice of apple pie.  Planning a hike or picnic?  Forget the trail mix and pack some aged gouda, fresh apples and a bar of dark chocolate. 

The Netherlands
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  1. A Family Favorite for Years

    Posted by Theresa Nelson on 29th Sep 2010

    When we first tried Beemster (at the urging of Juliana Uruburu), our entire family fell in love with this delicious, complex cheese. For a nibbles while cooking dinner or as the best hiking/backpacking cheese ever, Beemster is the best. When our teenage daughter's friends discovered Beemster, they were hooked - and it was a kick to see these girls devour a big wedge while doing homework. It's a great cheese to offer to introduce people to new flavors, without going to far from the more standard cheeses.


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