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Avola Almonds from Dragee Pecou


We can't really tell you how long, far and wide we've searched for TRUE Avola almonds because you won't believe us. There are only a handful of producers making them and some of those aren't making the real thing.

What we seek is simple and classic - a true Avola almond from Avola in Sicily with the skin on, coated in a thin layer of sugar and vanilla, polished to a perfectly smooth finish. This is the traditional confection of Italian weddings and celebrations and the flavor is simply unparalleled.

We found them in, of all places, France. But the artisans at Dragée Pécou work directly with almond growers in Sicily to ensure the quality and authenticity of their finished product.

If you, like us, have tasted any imposters, you'll be blown away by the taste of the real Avola almond. The delicate perfume and faint bittersweet flavor of this almond shines through the shatteringly crisp candy coating. You truly won't be able to stop eating them!

They're a perfect wedding favor - packed into tiny bags tied with a ribbon, scattered around tables or poured into jars for a lovely centerpiece.

300 grams (10.5 ounces)
Dragée Pécou
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  1. Perfect for special occasions

    Posted by G on 18th Jun 2013

    I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the Avola Almonds when I purchased them last. Gosh I loved them. Wish there were more than 10 ounces for the price.

    Anyway I'm an almond lover.. raw ,spiced and candied. For years I bought the white "Jordon" almonds. Some candy stores sell the multi color pastel ones, but I always pick through them to eat only the white. I figured the pastel ones had artifical color. But then the whites ones may too.

    These Avola sugar coated almonds are wonderful.

    Thanks again for all your unique products.


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