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Amarena Cherries from Morello Austera


These little gems are absolutely packed with flavor. The black cherries of Padova, in Northern Italy, are preserved in a lightly spiced syrup with cinnamon, clove and almond oil, resulting in a sweet, rich treat that is perfect for topping cheesecakes, panna cotta or ice cream. We also serve them with cheeses like aged Pecornios and Basque sheep's milk cheeses to much applause. Try them in savory preparations - make a sauce with brandy and shallots for pork loin.

You may have seen amarena cherries in a ceramic crock - in fact, we used to carry those. But when we tasted the two side by side, we absolutely preferred this cherry. Then finding out that those contain coloring and preservatives, well, for us, it was a simple choice.

* Now available in a larger size. The 1000 gram jar is equal to more than 3 small jars for a great savings! These cherries keep for a VERY long time once opened, (in the refrigerator), so worry not!

330 grams (11 ounces) or 1000 grams
Morello Austera
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  1. Manhattan perfection!

    Posted by William Heron on 1st Aug 2012

    Add a few of these cherries to the classic manhattan, in place of a marischinos. They look particularly elegant in a martini glass, and if you like a sweeter manhattan, add a spoon of the syrup.

  2. fresh picked flavor

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Nov 2011

    I purchased these to use on gelato and also in cocktails.... perfectly delicious!


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