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Sheep's Milk Cheese

  • Pecorino Romano is made from a centuries-old recipe, originating from the countryside around modern-day Rome.

    This is a Romano with its heart in the ages-old tradition, and it shows in the quality of the cheese.  Dense and crumbly with a sharp, salty bite, this is the potato chip of cheeses.  Perfect for grating over vegetables, pasta or salad, this cheese packs a punch and delivers an earthier flavor than Parmigiano Reggiano.  For the true fans, only this one will do. 

  • This cheese seems to always be looking out of the corner of its eye, inviting us to take a bite!  A dense cake of sheep’s milk cheese from Tuscany, a region famous for their devotion to pecorino of all shapes and ages, with the decadent addition of black truffles – talk about irresistible. 

    The heady, fragrant aroma of truffles is a perfect companion for the nutty, earthy character of this cheese.  A fantastic choice for the cheese course or to serve alongside a very special bottle of red wine.  This cheese is also a sneaky way to scale up your kitchen endeavors; try it shaved over roasted root vegetables, a salad of radicchio and bitter greens, a mushroom risotto or a simple morning omelet.  There’s no wrong time for this one!

  • A true icon of the Spanish table, this is a very special version of Spain’s most famous cheese.  Made exclusively from the milk of Manchega sheep, who graze on shrubs and grasses in the high plateau of the La Mancha region of Spain, raw-milk Manchego retains all of the complexities of its homeland.

    These 12-month aged wheels offer a sharp and hearty character, reminiscent of the animals whose milk goes to producing it, and an intoxicating lingering, buttery finish.  Dehesa de los Llanos contains less salt than most Manchegos, resulting in a more pronounced sheepiness and finely balanced character.  Stands up beautifully to a myriad of rich foods with bold spices, and big, full-bodied wines. An absolute must-try is its classic pairing with Serrano or Iberico ham, or with Spanish membrillo – quince paste. Try with dry cured olives, roasted red bell peppers and a spicy Rioja.  In the unlikely event of leftovers, this is a scrumptious sandwich cheese.

  • Why do cheesemakers love puns so much?  Ewephoria, a relatively new addition to the gouda family, quickly gained popularity with fans of the cow’s milk variety and sheep’s milk connoisseurs alike.

    Relatively mild by bold gouda standards, Ewephoria’s flavor is intensified by a dizzyingly sweet aroma, a buttery mouth feel and a rich, earthy finish, with a faint tang that gives a wonderful balance to this cheese. Ewephoria is a fine counterpart to salumi, fruity dry white or red wines, and medium bodied ales. It’s a sure hit with the kids, and a favorite among those who can’t tolerate cow’s milk.  Shave over a salad of bitter greens, melt into a ham panini with fig jam, or serve as a table cheese on your next poker night.  A play on words has never been this tasty. 

  • Ossau Iraty hails from the Northern Basque region of France where the green pastures and rolling hills of the Pyrenees provide lush, rich grazing for the sheep whose milk creates this semi-firm wheel.

    One of only two sheep’s milk cheeses in France made under AOC guidelines, which ensures a time-tested product true to tradition & quality. Traditionally a rustic shepherd’s cheese, Ossau has a subtle but complex profile. With buttery and slightly sweet flavors, a silken, dense texture and nutty qualities, this cheese is a more than suitable partner for a variety of foods and wine. It serves as an excellent table cheese, as an addition to a charcuterie or anti-pasti platter, and is right at home with an after-dinner cheese course. Pair with bold earthy reds or dry crisp whites.


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