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Mixed Milk Cheese

  • Made in the fashion of Spain’s famous Manchego, but from a blend of cow, sheep & goat’s milk instead of 100% sheep. Iberico has a sweeter flavor than Manchego, with a dense, semi-firm texture that’s just perfect for a table cheese.

    Mild and buttery, with subtle hints of nutty smokiness – this is a quintessential cheese that appeals to children & adults with all varieties of palates. An outstanding cheese for sandwiches or melting, with a mild yet complex flavor that pairs well with meats, mustards, nuts, and just about everything else.

  • A scrumptious cheese that manages to balance simplicity and complexity in one delicious bite.  Made in the French Pyrenees mountain range by cheesemaker Gabriel Bechalet from fresh cow’s and sheep’s milk. 

    The young wheels are sent to affineur Herve Mons, who coddles this cheese into a dense, creamy, semi-firm state with a velvety, orange washed-rind.  The flavor of Gabietou starts out lightly buttery and sweet, but as it warms on the tongue the nutty, smoky, gamey flavors of the sheep’s milk slowly unfurl in a long, complex finish.  This is a cheese we could eat every day for every meal, but it pairs particularly well with robust red wine from Burgundy or Bordeaux.  A show-stopper that is equally at home on a sandwich or the cheese plate. 

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