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Goat's Milk Cheese

  • A fantastic domestic goat gouda!  Cheesemaker Flavio DeCastilhos turned to cheesemaking from a career in Silicon Valley, and boy are we glad he did. 

    Tumalo Classico re-defines “smooth” both in flavor and texture.  A delicate balance with hints of sweet caramel and toasted hazelnuts dominates the tongue; the texture is toothsome, dense and chewy with an even paste that’s easy to serve and delightful to eat.  Even more remarkable than the quality of this cheese is its ability to pair with just about any beverage: from dry to sweet white wines, earthy to fruity reds, heady beers or even kombucha – this cheese is a sure thing.  Also melts beautifully and makes stunning panini.  A west coast star!

  • Another classic in the making from our friends at Cypress Grove Chevre! This truffle studded, Californian cheese is a guaranteed success in a multitude of applications.

    Rich, aged goat’s milk and aromatic truffles coalesce to create an exciting and distinctive chevre that is easily paired, yet sings on it’s own, spread on sweet baguette. Crumble onto a char-grilled burger for a decidedly Californian twist on the traditional cheeseburger, or toss with pasta, olive oil, and arugula for a simple and elegant vegetarian dish. Pairs beautifully with a dry, fruity Spanish white.

  • A delicious old-world goat’s milk cheese made in Vermont by cheesemakers Allison Hooper and Bob Reese of Vermont Creamery, founded in 1984.  Aside from making outstanding butter, the Creamery makes a variety of fresh and aged goat’s milk cheeses that give their French counterparts a run for their money. 

    Coupole is a young snowball of chevre with a thin, natural rind that adds a musky sweetness to the bright, tart interior.  The texture is dense and creamy on the tongue, with a long finish that keeps you coming back for more.  Delicious with dried fruit or preserves, salumi, or with a drizzle of honey.  Great for breakfast or dessert!

  • A gorgeous find from Caseficio Alta Langha in northwestern Italy, the same co-operative that produces the ever-popular La Tur and some of our favorite robiolas. 

    Brunet comes in small, attractive rounds with a delicate, straw-colored, natural rind.  Pillowy soft and creamy, the flavors hit a balance between earthy mushrooms and light, sweet acidity with a long, clean finish.  This versatile treat goes from day to night with little fuss.  Try it as a breakfast cheese on crusty French bread with a sweet strawberry spread; as a lunch course paired with prosciutto and cracked green olives; or as a dessert served with dense panforte and a Muscato Spumante. 

  • Of the seemingly endless varieties of superb French goat’s milk cheeses, Chevrot still sits atop a pedestal.

    With quality this consistent, flavors this complex and approachable, enjoyment is constant. When young, the natural rind yields to the soft cream and dense paste underneath, maintaining a fresh tanginess and the distinct flavors of goat milk. As Chevrot ages, the cheese takes on buttery and grassy notes with a hint of nuttiness. An ideal size and form for a cheese course paired with earthy fruits and Sauvignon Blanc. When aged, crumble into salad, over pasta, or incorporate into a fruit and cheese spread.

  • An award-winning icon of fine California cheeses, & with good reason.  Faaturing a thin line of vegetable ash through its center, this visually striking cheese is just as appealing in flavor as it is to the eyes. 

    Dense and earthy with a lemony pucker, at peak ripeness the wheel is framed by a layer of soft cream under the edible bloomy rind.  Humboldt Fog makes a statement on the platter, pairing delightfully well with pears, apples, and toasted hazelnuts.  Bring a piece for your next picnic or brunch & serve with a zesty marmalade and crispy flatbread.

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