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Blue Cheese

  • England’s most famous blue cheese.  Although Stilton hasn’t reached quite as many corners of the earth as the infamous Cheddar, it is one of Britain’s greatest cheesemaking traditions. 

    We are proud to offer what we find to be the best Stilton available, made by Colston Bassett & District Dairy and cared for by the London aging house Neal’s Yard Dairy.  To bear the name Stilton, the cheese must be made under strict guidelines from pasteurized milk, although there are raw milk variants like the organic “Stichelton”.  Colston Bassett Stilton is pierced later than many other Stiltons, allowing the cheese to mature and develop deeper flavors before the development of blue veins.  This makes for a more complex overall cheese, with notes of fresh butter, ripe fruit, and a mossy forest.  The texture is dense, creamy and easily crumbled.  Outstanding with walnuts & Port, a British Christmas tradition that we can enjoy year-round!

  • If there were a blue-cheese flavored butter, this might be it.  St. Agur is perfect for when you can’t make up your mind between a soft, buttery triple-crème or something with a stronger, spicier kick. 

    Whole cow’s milk is enriched with a little extra cream – and how could that hurt?  The sweet, buttery flavor make this a great “starter blue” for those who might be initially wary of blue cheese.  St. Agur’s spreadability makes it an easy party cheese, pairing well with cured meats, dried fruits, Port or a sweet white wine.

  • A well-balanced blue from southern France, one of the country’s oldest cheese traditions.  Our wheels are selected and aged by master affineur Hervé Mons, who helps the cheese develop its signature creaminess and even, slightly sweet flavor. 

    Like so many French blue cheeses, Fourme d’Ambert is buttery and soft on the tongue, with a pleasant earthy flavor that pairs beautifully with apples or pears.  The balance of sweet to earthy flavors make this a great blue cheese to bake with.  Delicious as a dessert course with a sweet white wine – try a Vouvray or an aged Tokaji.

  • Dolcelatte translates to ‘sweet milk,’ so it’s no surprise that this decadent, creamy blue cheese tastes like something halfway between breakfast and dessert. 

    Italy’s famous blue is named for the town of Gorgonzola in Lombardy, where it was first made in the middle ages.  The mildness of Dolcelatte’s flavor is due in part to its creaminess; after being pierced to develop blue veining, the cheese melts back into itself, blocking most of the oxygen and developing only pale blue veins.  While less pungent than most blues, the paste has a rich, full body with aromas of crushed grapes and fresh bread dough.  Excellent melted on polenta, spread on crostini and drizzled with olive oil, or baked into a sweet & savory cheesecake.

  • California’s first and only traditional blue cheese!  Made in Point Reyes, CA by the Giacomini family with raw cow’s milk from their own herd of Holsteins.  The California fog and ocean breezes keep the cows cool and the grasses lush, a formula for some really great milk. 

    A long-time dairy family, the Giacominis started making cheese in 2000.  They decided on blue cheese for its appeal both in the kitchen and for its role as part of a cheese course.  The result? A sumptuous cheese that’s both big and balanced.  Each wheel is aged a minimum of six months, giving the cheese time to develop its signature creamy-crumbly texture and intense flavor.  Bright, tangy and acidic, this is a great blue cheese to pair with fresh fruit, a crisp white wine, or something sweeter for dessert.


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